Horizontal Honing Machines

    All of our honing machines we build with a heavy-duty steel frame construction and chain drives. They are equipped with a honing tank, pump, splash guards, oil catch pans with drainage to reservoir, E-stop cables on full length, and D/C variable speed motors for the spindle and traverse. 
    We can personally build each honing machine to your needs and specifications with automated cycling, cycle counter, adjustable limit switches, and manual cycling options.

     This honing machine in particular is a two-piece construction capable of tubes up to 8' long and diameters ranging from 2”-12” with an automated honing feature, run timer, and aluminum tie-down V's with chain clamps.

    This honing machine in particular we built for a customer to their specifications, and it was a two-piece frame that consisted of the following:
  • 12" bore diameter capacity
  • 192" length capacity
  • 5 hp DC variable speed spindle motor 0 - 310 rpm
  • Variable speed traverse D.C. drive from 0 to 100 in/min
  • Adjustable traverse limit switches controlled by manual switch  
  • Pendent control to operate traverse manually
  • 1/4 hp coolant pump
  • Electrical supply needed: single phase 230 volt 30 amp or 3 phase 240/480
  • 2 piece frame construction overall size: 30" wide x 480" long 
  • Adjustable leveling screws
  • E-Stop cable full length
  • Quick setup chain clamps for holding parts rigid
  • 2 splash guards
  • 3 ports with ball valves length of work area for honing oil
  • 20 gallon honing oil tank with oil strainer

    This honing machine in particular is collapsible in construction to save shop floor space when not in use or while honing shorter tubes. It's equipped with aluminum tie-down V's with heavy-duty ratcheting straps for clamping. The control panel is also relocatable on a pedestal for this specific model, so the honing machine can be controlled at the operator's desired location.