Accessories for Assembly Tables

Built-in hydraulic rail for pulling apart hydraulic cylinders in disassembly or for pushing them together in assembly. We can build custom fixtures to slide into our rail to adapt to your cylinders' needs.

The drip tray is a highly recommended option for any assembly table, since it keeps the hydraulic oil well contained and allows for oil to be easily drained into a proper waste container.

Testing Ports: both hydraulic and air are available. Hydraulic test ports can be used to test hydraulic cylinders conveniently on the assembly table, while the air test ports can be used to retract hydraulic oil out of the cylinder and back into the reservoir after testing is complete.

A 6" rigid chain vise and 5" standard vise are standard with our basic assembly tables. Optional and/or additional vises are available.

An adjustable rod support for the vise is also highly recommended, since it can slide the length of the assembly table to support a variety of rod lengths.

A great option for cylinder teardown and assembly is the torquing unit which is capable of producing over 20,000 ft-lbs of torque.

An electronic load cell with display for the torquing unit.

Custom fixturing is highly recommended to properly utilize the hydraulic rail option.

We build to your needs. Many options are available, just ask.